This is where you can view the latest books being published by our company. It's also where authors can find ways to get their works into public access such as ebooks, or get their books professionally printed at very low cost. 

We also will strive to put Tips & Helps for Authors on our pages. These will provide information about various literary areas of interest to most writers, provided by professional authors, literary agents, editors and book reviewers. Another page will attempt to help writers get their work published.

A blog called Fiction Pen ( is being created on the Internet so writers and others can dialog about their work and the industry in general. This site is expected to be up and running by mid-July.

As better books come to our attention, we will endeavor to recommend a few to you. Of Course, remember that old adage about "recommending" anything: "The best way to lose a friend is to recommend a restaurant, a book, a movie, or the shortest way home."

In spite of the caveat above, we'll try our utmost to point you only to items that have had great public appeal and critical approval.
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